'Easy Peasy' was a multi-team project, involving in-house and external resource to develop a new creative route for Ageas, designed to drive traffic to the Ageas homepage.
The concept for the campaign was to centre around a role-playing type game between two children. 
Unfortunately, as briefed, the concept relied upon either video or FMV animation. This was deemed either impossible during a national lockdown or too expensive. So it became necessary to devise a new execution that could work not only with the team's concept but be expanded across digital channels such as display ads and Youtube pre-roll ads.
Instead, I suggested a creative route that instead used a bold, comic art style which we could add movement to. I put together a storyboard and wrote some dialogue which worked in one of our key propositions.
Once this was approved by the team, we found an artist with a colourful, distinctive style to add punch to the creative, Alex Wells - www.wellsillustration.com 
The final creative illustrations were worked into display ads, adding logos and T&C's. The campaign saw a significant increase in CTR and a huge amount of interest on social media.

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